Åhlström, Olof (1756 - 1835)


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for soli, choir and piano (organ)

Full score (A4, metallspiralbinding, 150 pages)


Introduction by Bernt Malmros (in Swedish)
Urtext-Edition by Holger Schmitt-Hallenberg

Olof Åhlström (1756-1835) was an important figure in the Swedish music-scene around 1800. He worked as composer, organist, teacher, publisher and was a member of the influential “Musikaliska Akademien”. Åhlström published for example Bellmann’s “Fredmans epistler”, and his own publications “Musikalisk tidsfördrif” (1789-1735), and “Skaldestycken satte I musik” (1794-1823), two long-running musical magazines, which included many of his own compositions and songs. His largest work is certainly the Opera “Frigga” (1787), which was commissioned by King Gustaf III. Åhlström’s eleven cantatas were composed around 1800 for special services during the ecclesiastical year and are connected to his work as organist at the St. Jacobs Church in Stockholm. Five of the cantatas include mixed choir. They are striking music, but not too difficult to perform, so they can be interesting even for amateur forces.


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