Jean-Baptiste Lully

Livret : Thomas Corneille et Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle


Full-score (A4, metal-spiralbinding, 276 pages)


Introduction by Vincent Borel (French), plot-summary (French and English)
Urtext-Edition by Holger Schmitt-Hallenberg (in collaboration with ”Les Talens Lyriques”)

Soli, Choir
Orchestra: Dessus, Haute-Contre, Taille, Quinte, Basse de Violon, Flute, Hautbois, Trompette, Timbales, Basse-Continue

Edition Gran Tonante has - in collaboration with Christophe Rousset and his orchestra “Les Talens Lyriques” – prepared the very first modern Urtext-edition of Jean-Baptiste Lully’s spectacular tragédie-lyrique “Bellérophon” for the first performance of this piece at the Festival de Beaune in 2010. A recording is planned for December 2010.

The premiere of “Bellérophon” in Paris 1679 was a triumph for Lully, and many contemporaries called it his masterpiece. Here he uses for the first time a five-part string orchestra to increase the expressivity. Specially praised were the stage-effects like the devastation of the country by a monstrous Chimera or Bellérophon’s fight with the monster. The score contains several large, magnificent choir-scenes, but equally impressive are the more intimate moments like the love-duet between Bellérophon and Philonoe or the hero’s plaintive “Heureuse mort”


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